Boiling the nutrients “away”

Being a young adult everyone wants to give me advice on how to cook, but I’m always met with advice that the other person is just regurgitating and gave no thought to. Something that you’ll always hear is boiling/over-boiling the nutrients out of vegetables. How in god’s name has this become something that’s said, it’s just a load of bollocks. First we obviously got all the vitamins we needed and didn’t boil the nutrients out of our food when we were cooking on open fires in caves. Second people say “ah there’s water soluble vitamins and they are the ones that evaporate along with the water.” No. Shut up. Salt is water soluble and we all learned in secondary school science that we boil water away from salt water and the salt remained where it was, so that’s just a lie your telling and don’t even realise it is. Finally even if it was true, you shouldn’t be worried about loosing the tiniest bit of nutrients from your carrot if you eat a Mars bar any time in the next month. Like if your “steaming for the extra health benefits” and having a smoke while you wait like your wasting your own time and wasting mine by trying to tell me how to keep fit. If you take anything from this it’s; just because older people know how to make a tasty meal doesn’t mean they know a thing about nutrition.


Introverts and Extroverts Listen Up

I genuinely think that the idea of being an introvert and extrovert is a load of nonsense. I think it just boils down to whether or not you are proactive when your around people. The most confident people actively choose to be high energy and interested in later people when around others and the same person could just as easily choose to sink into the background. People hide behind the thought that it’s out of their control if you can’t socialise, but they are either too nervous and make themselves scared or they’re too lazy. Nothing else. If you just decide that the nervousness is actually just excitement, then being scared turns to anticipation. Just stop making excuses and take the responsibility. 

Sex Sells? No Stupidity Sells!

I’m genuinely beginning to think that stupidity sells. Yes, the saying that sex sell has evidence but I think the trend has changed, think about it. To give you three examples to back this up here: Donald Trump, The Kardashians, and Miley Cyrus. Donald Trump shouldn’t have won his election, everyone knew he wasn’t qualified, but everyone talked about it and he was easily the stupidest person in the public eye at the time. The Kardashians are MILLIONAIRES, and all they need to do to keep you watching their shows and buying their fashion lines, is make a fool of yourself on the news. And Miley Cyrus brought that thinking into the music world. How many more followers, do you reckon, she got from her wrecking ball years. A lot more than if she played the good girl she was branded as from Disney. And now she is putting out genuinely good music and everyone is listening. Doesn’t take a genius to see that sex isn’t selling anymore

Want to get an Interview?

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and actually get your CV noticed then you have to think outside the box, to get noticed you’ll have to do something that no one else is doing. Emailing you CV, handing it in personally, networking, job sites… these are all fine but it’s not going to land you the job you want, just a job. Here’s one of my methods to getting my CV noticed, take it or leave it. Buy yourself balloons, a 2 liter bottle , elastic bands and boxes. Make your CV fit on one page, then roll it up and put an elastic band around it and slide it into the empty bottle. Next blow up the balloon and pinch the top, then fit the open end on the top of the bottle without letting the air out. Turn the bottle and balloon upside down and your rolled up CV will slide from your bottle into your balloon. Now tie the balloon and put it into a box and there you go. Now mail it to the hiring manager and they have to burst your balloon to get to your CV. If that doesn’t stand out nothing will, and if they don’t like the idea, are they really the kind of employer you want to work for?

Most Important Rule for Success

  • Trust yourself
  • Break some rules
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Ignore the naysayers
  • Work like hell
  • Give something back

These are Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rules for success, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve never heard anything more right. All the gurus that I listen to are saying the same thing but it always supports these rules; Gary Vaynerchuk’s hustle, Simon Sinek’s start with why, C.T Fletcher’s general not giving a fuck. If I had to pick one that I think is the most important in your early 20’s it is “break some rules,” everyone wants to stand out but is doing the same thing as everyone else, if you want to get noticed you just have to do something to get people’s attention.

Masculine and Feminine Emotions?

I thought that emotions was something that we are evolving into. The reason I thought this is because I believed that being instinctual was the opposite of emotional, and that women were more evolved than men because they were generally more emotional and men were generally more instinctual. Turns out that emotions are instinctual, it never kinda clicked that anger and satisfaction are just as emotional as sadness and happiness. Basically I’m trying to figure out why men and women are so different psychologically. I mean I can be fairly emotionless (sadness and happiness), but tap into the instinctual, anger and fear, far more easily if I need to. But the girls I know are exactly the opposite. Is there two kinds of emotions? Maybe…