Boiling the nutrients “away”

Being a young adult everyone wants to give me advice on how to cook, but I’m always met with advice that the other person is just regurgitating and gave no thought to. Something that you’ll always hear is boiling/over-boiling the nutrients out of vegetables. How in god’s name has this become something that’s said, it’s just a load of bollocks. First we obviously got all the vitamins we needed and didn’t boil the nutrients out of our food when we were cooking on open fires in caves. Second people say “ah there’s water soluble vitamins and they are the ones that evaporate along with the water.” No. Shut up. Salt is water soluble and we all learned in secondary school science that we boil water away from salt water and the salt remained where it was, so that’s just a lie your telling and don’t even realise it is. Finally even if it was true, you shouldn’t be worried about loosing the tiniest bit of nutrients from your carrot if you eat a Mars bar any time in the next month. Like if your “steaming for the extra health benefits” and having a smoke while you wait like your wasting your own time and wasting mine by trying to tell me how to keep fit. If you take anything from this it’s; just because older people know how to make a tasty meal doesn’t mean they know a thing about nutrition.


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