Sex Sells? No Stupidity Sells!

I’m genuinely beginning to think that stupidity sells. Yes, the saying that sex sell has evidence but I think the trend has changed, think about it. To give you three examples to back this up here: Donald Trump, The Kardashians, and Miley Cyrus. Donald Trump shouldn’t have won his election, everyone knew he wasn’t qualified, but everyone talked about it and he was easily the stupidest person in the public eye at the time. The Kardashians are MILLIONAIRES, and all they need to do to keep you watching their shows and buying their fashion lines, is make a fool of yourself on the news. And Miley Cyrus brought that thinking into the music world. How many more followers, do you reckon, she got from her wrecking ball years. A lot more than if she played the good girl she was branded as from Disney. And now she is putting out genuinely good music and everyone is listening. Doesn’t take a genius to see that sex isn’t selling anymore


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