Want to get an Interview?

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and actually get your CV noticed then you have to think outside the box, to get noticed you’ll have to do something that no one else is doing. Emailing you CV, handing it in personally, networking, job sites… these are all fine but it’s not going to land you the job you want, just a job. Here’s one of my methods to getting my CV noticed, take it or leave it. Buy yourself balloons, a 2 liter bottle , elastic bands and boxes. Make your CV fit on one page, then roll it up and put an elastic band around it and slide it into the empty bottle. Next blow up the balloon and pinch the top, then fit the open end on the top of the bottle without letting the air out. Turn the bottle and balloon upside down and your rolled up CV will slide from your bottle into your balloon. Now tie the balloon and put it into a box and there you go. Now mail it to the hiring manager and they have to burst your balloon to get to your CV. If that doesn’t stand out nothing will, and if they don’t like the idea, are they really the kind of employer you want to work for?


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